Top 14 Best Pellet Smokers & Grills of 2022

Having a sumptuous barbecue during the weekend is one of the best ways to bond with our family and friends. In order for you to do that, you need to have the best pellet smokers.

Using this cooking tool will give your food a good flavor and will even let you choose different kinds of pellets depending on what you are going to cook. It is also easy to adjust or manipulate and will allow you to maintain the exact type of temperature that you want for your meat for the entire cooking duration.

Top 14 Best Pellet Smokers & Grills for The Money

We have listed down below the best pellet grills that you can acquire from the market. We also wrote down the useful features, pros, and cons when you are going to buy a pellet smoker and a griller. So check them out below.

1. Champ Chef SmokePro Stainless DLX Pellet

It is a pure looking pellet smoker with nothing flashy, but each part was carefully designed to have the best performance. This pellet smoker has a nonstick porcelain grill grates that are so attractive to look at and can be cleaned easily. It also has a magnetic latch on the hopper lid that will keep the top from moving around or dislodge whenever you move the pellet smoker. 

The Champ Chef SmokePro Stainless DLX Pellet has a tight control for smoking precision so that your food will have the best woodchip smoke aroma. The temperature control is so flawless that you can control it anytime you want. It offers different useful temperature options that you can choose from so that you can perfectly achieve the texture of the food you are cooking. You can slow cook for as low as 160-degree and can be changed up to a 225-degree high smoke option. 

It is also wide compared to the other pellet smoker available in the market as it can hold up to two turkeys at the same time.  Unlike another pellet smoker where it needs a vacuum in order for you to clean the griller properly, this pellet smoker provides you with an ash clean-out system. This makes it so simple to clean the grill and to remove any stray pellets so easy. It also has a secondary steel side shelf that really works well with the hopper lid. 

It can really give you more comfort while doing different tasks since it has another spot where you can set the trays and some tools. It does not come with a low priced price tag, but spending a little bit more will give you the best grilling experience.

2. Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

This grill has an automated feed and temperature system so that you will not need a fan or a blower to maintain the desired heat coming out from it. It comes with a digital control board that has an adjustable temperature regulator ranging from 82 degrees and can reach up to 232 degrees and has an internal sensor or an auto temperature control that can really help you in controlling the heat that it is producing while you are cooking.  

Once you already settled for temperature, then you can automatically start cooking. This machine can also help you bake or roast the meat that you want to prepare. It can also help you in grilling, char-grilling, braising, smoking, and searing the meat. So by purchasing this machine, you will be able to do a lot of things and at the same time save a lot of money. 

This machine is also so easy to use, especially when you are going to grill your meat. All you need to do is put the wood pellets inside the pellet feed control system, then simply turn it on, choose the desired temperature that you want for the meat, and start grilling your meat.

Another thing I like about this product is that it has a well-constructed design and has a durability that can really last for an extended period of time. Stainless steel was used in constructing this machine, especially on its main body, and even used a powder-coated stainless steel that can clearly withstand some extreme heat and corrosion. It is also designed to have a waste oil collector to be easily cleaned by the person using it. Wheels are also attached underneath it for you to transfer the griller from one place to another quickly.

3. Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Control Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The Green Mountain Davy Crockett is a small grill that can be quickly brought around. The primary cook surface of this griller is about 12″ deep and has a width of around 16,” It also has a triangular-shaped hood that is approximately around 7″ tall. It is small that it is very convenient for you to bring whenever you are going to any camping sites or even going to a friend’s house just to have a small gathering. 

It also has a lightweight design, weighs only around 57 pounds so that it will not be a burden for you to carry it around. It is also ideal for those small households like if you are living in an apartment or a condominium. You just then need to flip the handles over for the legs to come out. 

But what’s even great is that it can then be connected to your WiFi so that you can accurately monitor the temperature of the griller even if you are not directly beside it. You can use an app that can easily be downloaded to your phone, may it be an Android or an Apple phone or tablet.  It can adequately monitor the temperature inside the grill since it has an internal thermal sensor so that you can properly cook your meat in a consistent heat. 

This griller also includes a cord that you can easily attach to a wall outlet or even a car battery. It has a built-in rack where you can prep your ingredients, and it can also serve as a storage of the unused materials when cooking. The griller also has a small bucket that collects ash so that it can be appropriately cleaned without any hassle. You do not need to worry also of those excess oils or liquids that the meat produces while cooking since this griller also includes a grease tray that can collect all the juice.

4. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet & Grill & Smoker

The Z Grill ZPG-450A is so easy to use that even first-time grillers will not find it challenging to use this griller. An electronic automatic start ignition can be used for operating and monitoring the settings in real-time through the temperature control and LED display. By clicking just one button, the griller will then start up and will eliminate the starter fluid. 

The grill is also designed so that it can accommodate different types of meat like tenderloin, pork chops, steak, and even tenderloin. The griller has a high dimension since it is around 324 square inches, and the smoking rack dimension is approximately 128 square inches with a rack surface area at about 454 square inches and weighs at around 15 pounds.

I like that it is built using a stainless steel that can easily resist corrosion so you can use it even for an extended period of time. It also has an automated electric feed system so that you can maintain the desired temperature that you want for your meat while cooking it. It can go from around 82 degrees and reach a maximum heat of about 232 degrees and then produce an ample amount of smoke to give your food the aroma you wanted. With the help of this system, you do not need to stand directly near the griller as you can leave it and cook on its own. 

With its comprehensive options for its temperature, you can do a lot of things with it, including roasting, baking, braising, grilling, searing, and even cooking some barbecue. You can use it for cooking at around 20 pounds of meat for up to 20 hours without the griller being damaged. You can just add wood pellets with the help of the digital temperature control to regulate the temperature.

5. Champ Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker

The Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill is the best griller for those who are into big or massive gatherings and need to grill an ample amount of meat. The SG on its name is an acronym for slide and grill since it is describing its design. This griller also has a built-in split-second rack that can be used as a usable grill space. 

Unlike any other griller, the second griller of this machine is not used just as a warming rack but will also grill the meat that you place on it. This is a convection grill, so therefore the heat will circulate around the griller and will reach up to the upper rack. The rack can be easily split and slide out of the way so that you can have excellent access to the grates attached below. 

The grill can also be divided up to two smaller racks so that you can clean it easily by putting it inside the dishwasher. You can also change the indirect heat drip tray to direct wood-fired flame mode by just merely pulling a knob. By this mode, you can easily add a tons of flavor to the meat that you are cooking. 

Just take note that you need to be careful in turning the dip tray since it has fat in it and can cause a flare-up if it will have a direct contact with the fire. It can also be easily cleaned since it has an easy ash removal. Just simply slide back and let the ash drop going inside the removable cup. It also comes with a LED display where you can control the thermostat of the griller so that the meat that you are cooking will have the desired temperature that is needed.

6. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24”

The camp Chef Smoke Vault can generate up to 400 degrees of heat and simply cater to different types of meat, ranging from chicken to turkey to ribs and many others. This smoke vault is designed to withstand heat and can avoid wear and tear since it is built with a heavy-duty steel exterior. 

You must take note that you must not place it outside when the temperature is lower since cold air will penetrate inside and can result in temperature fluctuations. Anyway, it comes with two 21.5″ W x 14″ D smoking racks making it accessible for slabs of ribs and even have enough space for rib racks, so it is really ideal for big gatherings. 

This griller also comes with three different damper valves that you can easily adjust to your preferred temperature, depending on the type of meat that you are cooking. The first valve can be found on the top of the smoker, and the remaining two plugs are attached on the sides. 

I like that this griller can be easily assembled and will not take you more than 30 minutes to complete the setup. This equipment is so easy to use and its very simple to operate. It will not take you a lot of time to ignite the griller and get the temperature to a maximum. 

It can also be cleaned easily as it has a removable bottom tray. It also has a removable wood chip tray and a water pan that is also removable. You can simply remove all the removable slots whenever residue starts to build up inside the smoker. This is really designed for those who are still beginning to love smoking their meats.

7. Traeger Grills TFB38TOD Renegade Pro Pellet Grill and Smoke

If you are looking for a pellet grill that is so easy to use, this product is definitely what you are looking for. The Traeger Renegade Pro Pellet Grill is designed with an electronic panel interface that you can use in order for you to operate, and then it gradually adds fuel to the grill throughout the cooking duration while keeping the desired cooking temperature. 

This pellet grill is also for those who are grilling an ample amount of meat since it has a generous space where you can place as many as five large stakes at the same time without worrying that all of the steaks will not be adequately cooked. It has a 380 square inches of cooking space and a dimension of 39 x 27 x 50 inches, making it a little bit heavy with a weight of 109 pounds.  

With the help of the side-lift bar, the pressure is then distributed adequately around the grill so that moving the meat around it will not be an issue. It will also give an authentic smoked flavor to your meat without any help of smoked essences because this griller uses wood as its source of fuel. With only 20kg bag pellets, you can then grill up to 20 hours of cooking time. 

This pellet griller is multi-functional as it can perform up to 6 different tasks from grilling, to smoking, to baking, to roasting, to braising and even cooking barbecues. With the help of the Digital Pro Controller with AGL, the meat that this griller will cook will not come out as dry as this technology helps the temperature to be even all throughout the cooking process. It has an easy to clean porcelain grill grates and all-terrain wheels, so cleaning this griller will not be a problem.

8. PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill, 700

The Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill can produce heat from 85 degrees and reach up to 260 degrees meaning it can surely cook whatever meat you want to cook it with. It has a porcelain-coated cast iron grid that can be easily cleaned and requires a small amount of brushing. 

The porcelain-coated grills are very ideal for smoking in a different weather condition since it can quickly adapt to the heat, and another good thing about it is it is rust-resistant, so the griller is protected from dirt and grime. 

The griller also has a burning system that can be controlled digitally. You can set it and leave it for it to have a low and slow cooking. It is also has a big space so you can grill a generous amount of meat since it has a 700 sq in total cooking surface with a 21 pounds Pellet hopper capacity. 

This also has a searing zone that can beautifully put a nice sear on a steak. This griller is also well built with heavy gauge steels, making it a long-lasting griller with minimal replacement parts. A thermometer is also built on the hood of the smoker, making it easier for you to check the temperature of the meat that you are cooking. 

This smoker can also be used as an open flame griller that is really good for cooking some hamburgers and hotdogs. It is really a piece of high equipment if you tend to change it from a smoker to a griller. It can also let you save money because it is technically a 2 in 1 product.  It only has two wheels attached to it, making it not that easy to roam around or transfer around your place as they are only one-directional wheels and were not meant to pivot.

9. REC TEC Grills |RT_700| Bundle |WiFI Enabled|Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The REC TEC RT-700 smoker comes with a cooking space with a generous expanse of 702 square inches on ¼” 304 stainless steel grill grates with an optional second shelf, and that will give it a total of 1,054 square inches of cooking area. 

It is a great smoker if you are going to have a big gathering since it can accommodate up to 40 pounds of the hopper and can last up to 40 hours of continuous cooking. It is so big that the first shelf can fit six large racks of ribs. The griller is also kind of heavy as it has a total weight of 200 pounds, but it has wheels attached to its legs, making it easy for you to transfer it around the area. 

The grill also has a smart PID Digital controller that will let you set the temperature depending on the needed temperature of the meat that you are cooking. You can adjust it from 93 degrees, going to a blazing 260 degrees. The controller can hold the heat to be stable so that you do not need to stick around the griller and rigorously check the meat that you are cooking. 

You can also use your phone to start your smoker, and you can even monitor the temperature while the meat is being cooked inside. The grill is also easy to assemble once you purchase it, as it will only take one person not more than one hour of his time to finish assembling it. It comes with a printed manual that you can easily follow, but if you need visualizations, then you can just check the YouTube page of the manufacturer for the step by step procedure.

10. Camp Chef SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill

The Chef SmokePro Lux Pellet Grill is so easy to use as it has digital controls and even has an electronic auto-start ignition. It also has an LCD digital temperature, which is a great help and can be easily read as it always within 5 degrees of the real heat. It is also ideal if you are going to slow smoke or slow grill some meat as you can control the temperature running from 71 to 260 degrees.

It has a built-in fan and automatic auger that will give a perfect production and a fair amount of distribution of heat and smoke to your meat for oven cooking. The automatic auger will ensure that the temperature is evenly distributed around the area. With this, you don’t have to check your meat from time to time since it is also controlled digitally. It will automatically detect if the heat inside is not enough and will automatically release more pellets to achieve the desired temperature.

This is also performed with the help of the autoignition system and the powerful fan that creates the exact amount of heat and smoke inside the cooking chamber. The meat that you will cook will then have a tastier and juicier result compared to the other grillers.

It also has a large-capacity pellet hopper that will let you prepare for an ample amount of time. It can also be cleaned easily since it has an intelligent way of disposing of ash. You just need to pull a lever on the side of the machine as soon as the grill is already cold. The ash inside it will automatically fall into the cup, allowing it to be discarded easily. This will save you a lot of time as you will not anymore need to vacuum the firepot after every use.

11. Traeger Grills TFS60LZC Select Elite Pellet Grill and Smoker, 589 Sq. In. Cooking Capacity, Bronze.

The Traeger Grills Select Elite Pellet Grill and Smoker are perfect for those who are really cooking different kinds of food. This griller can even bake a smoky and delicious fresh dough of pizza. It can also accommodate tons of food since it has a generous cooking space amounting to 586 square inches and has six burners that will allow you more space to taste your food items. 

With its size, it is kind of complicated when it comes to its assembling this griller. Still, the good thing is that it comes with easy to read instructions that you can easily follow, but if you are not really an expert in assembling the griller, you can also call some online retailers that will help you do it. 

This griller has a great feature that will let you can also control the temperature of this griller properly as it has an elite digital controller. It is a beautiful additional feature where you can control how high or how low your flames are going to be without any hassle doing it. It can also let you save an ample amount of time since almost all of its features can be controlled digitally.  

Another great feature of this griller is that it uses indirect heat and does not come with a broiler plate and searing box, making it impossible to put some sear marks on your meat. It has a three-section grill grate, which is coated with porcelain making it easier for you to clean. The grease cup can be easily removed so that you will be able to pour the grease or fat that is trapped inside it.

For the char that was stuck in the grates, all you need to do is just simply to soak the grates on the water but do not worry since the protective coating of the grills will prevent it from accumulating rust.

12. REC TEC Grills RT-590 Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The RT-590 model of the REC TEC Grill is a mid-size griller but will get your barbecue, and other smoked meat is done in just a short period of time of cooking. It is built with high quality design and construction as it has an overall rectangular dimension of 44 inches by 37.25 inches and was manufactured from 304 stainless steel. With this, you can expect that the peeling and rusting will not happen even if it is going to be exposed to extreme heat. 

The legs have roller wheels attached to it, making it easy for you to transfer it around your area. The size of the griller is suitable for those families who love to have grilling activities every now and then. The cooking chamber has a capacity of an approximately 772 square inches with a 592 square-inch cooking area. You can also use the spare space of around 180 square inches for you to prepare the things you need for your grilling activity. 

The griller has an advanced heating system and can let you control it to the desired temperature that your meat requires. It will also allow you to check if the temperature inside without even opening its lid. It is also has a hot flash ceramic ignition system that will maintain and preserve every worth of the fuel that is added to it. 

It is a user-friendly device as its controls and setup are located just near the exterior of the hopper. You can adjust the temperature level by just merely turning its knob. The LCD screen on it also displays the setting and the actual temperature inside the griller. It is also easy to clean as stainless steel is used inside the griller, so you will not need to worry that it will accumulate rust and dirt inside.

13. Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill & Smoker

The Traeger Pro Series 22 is designed carefully for grillers to use this device quickly. It has a digital controller that lets you choose what to do with roasting, grilling, searing, and anything that has to do with your meat. You can just set a specific temperature and time for your meat to cook, then you can just leave it and do any other things that you need to do. This model of the Traeger griller comes with two meat probes. 

All you need to do is to connect it to the digital controller and then insert it into your meat. By pressing a button, the internal temperature will be read out and will then displayed on the digital controller. This grill is kind of heavy as it weighs at around 100 pounds, and it is not that easy to be roamed around the area. 

The griller uses wood, and it will definitely add flavor to your food and will make it taste a lot better. They even created an original wood pellet so that you will have a slice of perfect tasting meat. In order for you not to have an accident, you must regularly clean its drip pan, funnel and bucket since the grease, once caught with fire, will eventually create a more significant fire. You also need to scrape the cooking grates properly after every use for it not to stick around.

14. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill+Cover

If you are a fan of grilled burgers or even just a simple roasted chicken, this pellet smoker and griller is one of the best pellet smokers. This is the Char-Broil Big Easy SRG, and the SRG stands for smoker, roaster, and grill. 

It uses gas for cooking and has a 38cm diameter cooking area, and it is like having a gas oven for your outdoor space. In order for you to throw some woodchips so that your food will have a rustic smoked aroma, a smoker box for woodchips is also installed below it. 

The tiny holes inside the grill will allow the smoke to infuse inside your food, and flames will not directly touch it. It has no gaps inside so that it can even cook the food no matter what its size is. Since it is tightly closed, the air pressure will not rush upwards, making the food retain its natural moisture and will seal the meat’s natural juice. 

This griller has a single heat control that will let you choose the perfect temperature that you want for your food. If you are slow-cooking something, you can bring it down to 100 degrees, but if you are in a hurry, you can bring it up to 400 degrees.

You can also check if your food reaches the perfect temperature by merely sticking the thermometer to your food.  It has not the chicest design for a barbecue stand, but it will surely give you the best quality of food. It is also possible to grill and roast some food at the same time. This is definitely designed for food lovers. It is kind of heavy, so a single person can’t assemble the whole griller.

How Do Pellet Smokers Work?

A pellet smoker grills your meat using an auger that will help move the hardwood pellets from the hopper to the fire pot, which is located on the lower part of the grill. If you are going to set your griller into a much higher temperature, then the more pellets are being dispensed. 

Once the pellets are already inside the fire pot, it will then create a fire by igniting the pellet with a hot rod. A fan inside is then used to store the fire to create a convection heat that is then evenly distributed to the meat so that it is going to be evenly cooked.

  • Prevention of Flare-ups. To prevent flare-ups, a drip tray is installed over the fire pot so that the flames will not directly contact your food and catch all the grease and other fluids that are being dripped out by the meat that is being cooked inside. 
  • Use of Digital Electronic Controls. Some pellet smokers use digital electronic controls so that you can easily set up the temperature and the direction of the fire all throughout the duration of time while your food is being cooked. It is as easy as setting up your oven. It will give you the power to ensure that you get a precise and consistent temperature.
  • Temperature Control. If you have the ability to control the temperature, then you will definitely achieve the perfect taste of the meat that you are cooking. With this, you can then just leave it and not stay there for an extended period of time and check what you are cooking from time to time.  The wood that you use will not just fuel the fire inside the griller, but it will also add a natural aromatic burned smell to the meat.

The Features of a Pellet Grill

Unlike traditional grillers, a pellet smoker has a lot of different features and accessories that can only be seen and used in a pellet grill. Here are some samples of those unique features that a pellet grill offers. 

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity. Most of the pellet grills can now be connected to a WiFi. All you need to do is to simply download the app that is compatible with your pellet smoker. Once your phone and the pellet smoker is now connected via WiFi, you can just simply control the pellet smoker even if you are not near it. You can now then change the temperature, the grilling time, and any settings that you want to change. This will make your grilling experience more enjoyable. 
  • Different Functionality. A lot of pellet smokers offer different functionality. You can use it if you’re going to roast some meat, sear, broil, grill, and some pellet smokers will even let you bake pizza dough. This feature will really make you save money since you will not purchase any additional equipment just to do those tasks. 
  • Big Hopper. A lot of the pellet smokers come with a big hopper that can accommodate a lot of pellets. This means that the bigger the hopper is, the longer the cooking time that you can perform with the pellet smoker. 
  • Meat Probe. The meat probe is an excellent addition to the pellet smoker, as you can use to check the temperature of the meat that you are cooking without giving you any hassle. All you need to do is simply attach one end to the meat and the other to a pellet smoker. Once the meat starts cooking, the temperature of the meat is being displayed on its LCD monitor. You will not need to open the cover of the pellet smoker and manually insert a thermometer to the meat.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Pellet Smoker

Just like any other equipment, buying a pellet smoker also has its own pros and cons. We will discuss it one by one so that we will be able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this product.


  • The number one pro when buying the pellet smoker is that it has a heat control that you will not see from any other types of griller. Even some high-end models of the pellet smoker will let you control the temperature to the desired temperature with extreme precision. 
  • Another good thing about the pellet smoker is that the heat inside, together with the smoke, is evenly spread, so you can clearly expect that the meat you are cooking will be evenly cooked no matter what it is. The heating and smoke circulation inside will also be a great help for you since you will not have to move around and turn the meat on its opposite side from time to time. 
  • Some pellet smokers even do not need a lot of attention since it is connected to an app that you can control with your phone. By downloading certain apps, you can control the pellet smoker even if you are not beside it.
  • Some pellet grills have a built-in drip pan under the grates, which will really avoid your meat from catching any flare-ups. With this feature, you do not need to trim out the excess fat of the meat that you are cooking. 
  • Unlike some gas grills and charcoal type grillers, you can control the temperature of this griller by just simply adjusting its settings.
  • You can also save a large amount of money when you buy a pellet smoker since most of them work not just as a smoker but also as an oven and a griller. It also uses pellet grills, so you will not need to buy expensive gas tanks.


  • One of the disadvantages of buying the pellet smoker is that it is not that good when you are going to use it in wet conditions. It is because wood is being used as a fuel, and damp wood will not correctly catch fire. Once the pellets are wet, it will start to deteriorate and will not be useful anymore, so you must always keep in mind that you need to keep them dry to avoid this kind of mishaps. 
  • Another thing that is a letdown when purchasing the pellet smoker is that the meat that you are going to cook inside will not have any grill marks since most of the pellet smokers will use an indirect heat. In order for you to have those marks, all you need to do is to purchase additional accessories that can create the grill marks to your meats. 
  • You cannot also bring it anywhere since it needs electricity for it to function. You will require those smaller pellet smokers that can use car batteries for you to bring them outdoors like camping or when you will experience a power interruption in your neighborhood.

Buying Guide

There are a lot of things that you need to remember when you are going to purchase a pellet smoker, especially when you are still new to the art of grilling. We will list down below the things that you need to look for when buying a pellet grill.

  • Weight

Most of the pellet smokers are much heavier compared to traditional grillers. Because of its heavyweight, it may not be that easy to transfer it from one place to another. Some pellet smokers have only two wheels on its back, making it more challenging to move around. So if you want to have a pellet smoker that you can easily maneuver around, then you must check if it has four wheels attached that can quickly pivot when being moved around.

To check the weight of the pellet smoker, you must weigh it after assembling it and filling up the hopper with pellets. In this way, you will be able to check if you can quickly bring it from one side to the other.

  • Size and Built

You also need to check beforehand space in your area where you will place your pellet smoker. It comes in various sizes and forms, so you must make sure that it will fit perfectly in your area. You can choose from traditional looking grills or vertical smokers.

  • Controllers

The temperature controllers of the pellet smokers make it almost run by itself. Right now, three different controllers are being used by different pellet smokers. The Non-PID, PID, and the PID-Plus and the PID stand for proportional, integral, and derivative.

The Non-PID controllers are also called as the LMH controllers. It has ten pre-set temperature positions that include the low, medium, and high setting hence the LMH abbreviation. Moderately priced pellet smokers usually use this kind of controller.

The PID controller is very easy to use and will really let you be at ease while using it. This type of controller will always check and assess the heat inside the griller so that it will be able to maintain the exact temperature that you want it to have.

The PID-Plus controllers are the best kind of controllers that a pellet smoker can have. It is connected to your phone via WiFi and will let you monitor it while it is cooking by just only taking a glance at your phone. It will even send alerts if your meat is already fully cooked.

  • Warranty

The length of the warranty of the pellet smoker is one of the essential things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing one. You must look for those brands that offer a lengthy warranty. Inside the pellet smoker, there are a lot of small moving parts that can break any time and a high possibility that you will not be able to fix it by yourself.

You must need to properly understand the length and the things that are covered by the warranty. Different brands offer various kinds of warranty so you must always ask questions if some items are not clear.

  • Price

You must take into consideration the price of the item before purchasing it. You must make sure that you will always get your money’s worth. You must check the features that the pellet smokers are offering and balance it with its price tag. Take note that the more accessories and special features a pellet smoker has, the higher the price tag it will have.

  • Pellets

There are a lot of different pellets that you can choose from. By selecting the right pellets, you will then be able to achieve the kind of taste that you want for your food. You can choose from apple pellets to give your meat some fruity smoke—Cherry Pellets, which is excellent if you are going to cook some beef ribs.

Another pellet that you can choose to buy is Hickory Pellets. They are most popularly used when cooking some barbecues as it has a strong pleasantry smell that can give a kick to your meat.

You can even mix some pellets for you to perfect the scent and flavor that your food will have. 

Pellet Smokers Compared to Other Types of Smokers

Compared with any other wood-fired grills and charcoal-infused griller, pellet smokers are much more comfortable and more straightforward to clean since it has features that will really help you in cleaning the equipment.

The wood pellets also are dense and can burn hot, and with the help of the automatic auger, it can be easily fed into the flames and will keep the temperature in a consistent state without putting too much effort into it. Since the temperature of the pellet smokers can be digitally adjusted, unlike some traditional grillers, you do not need to babysit low and slow briskets just for it to be perfectly cooked. It will give you a lot of time to prepare for other food or spend that time to entertain your guests.

When it comes to health reasons, having a pellet smoker will give a lot of advantages. Any regular and traditional grillers will produce a lot of smoke that is not good when being inhaled, some griller also provides fire that will directly contact the juice of the meat, causing it to flare up and burn some parts of the meat. The burnt area will be just thrown away as it is not useful to consume burnt food.

When it comes to the price, a traditional griller is a lot cheaper compared to a pellet smoker. The only good thing is that the pellet smoker uses only pure wood pellets, which is not that pricey. The traditional grillers use woods, charcoal, and different wood chips, and you will need a lot of them to keep the fire in your griller burning. This will leave you having a higher running cost for the traditional griller compared to the pellet smoker.

The fire from the flare-up can also be very dangerous as it can burn the whole griller and cause more damage, not just to your property but for you as well.

Pellet Smoker Brands

There are a lot of brands to choose from when purchasing a pellet smoker. Listed below are the different brands and the unique features that it offers. 

  • Camp Chef SmokePro. The pellet smokers from the Camp Chef SmokePro, is already a WiFi ready device. This is the right choice if you are looking for pellet smokers that can be controlled using your phone.
  • Traeger Grills. The Traeger brand also offers different pellet smoker varieties that you can choose from depending on the size and functionality you are looking for.
  • Green Mountain Grills. The Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is also the right choice since it offers a lengthy warranty period that can cover for up to two years.
  • Z Grills. The Z Grills Pellet Smokers offers up to 8 functions. It has a lot of cooking methods that you can choose from depending on the type of meat that you are going to cook.
  • Char-Broil. Offers a cooking system called TRU-infrared, and by this, it can really help you let your meat maintain its natural juices. The infrared system limits the flow of the hot air inside the griller and uses it to cook the food directly.

Wrapping it Up

Pellet smoker is a must-have if you are a food enthusiast. They are not like any other grills as it will have a lot of functions, even going beyond the art of grilling. 

Hopefully, this article was able to let you get a grasp on why a pellet smoker is a must buy. You must always keep in mind that the best pellet smoker in the market is the one that will really work for your convenience. Before purchasing a new pellet smoker for your home, you must see to it that you know what you are going to do with it, what types of meat you are going to cook, how many sets of food you are going to prepare on a regular basis and how often are you going to use it. By simply knowing these things, you are now then ready to get a new pellet smoker for you and your loved ones.

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